Friday, August 17, 2012

Welcome to the UNOFFICIAL Website

Welcome to the Unofficial Menaul Villas Website.  This website is designed to service the community and in NO WAY represents, purports to represent, or is otherwise on behalf of: The Villas community; the Social Committee of the Board of Directors of the Villas Home Owners Association; or The Villas Home Owners Association.

Now that we got all that Legal Mumbo Jumbo out of the way, feel free to NOT browse around, and NOT use this as a resource when it comes to what's NOT going on in the Menaul Villas Community.  We will try to NOT keep you updated as to what's going on.  So, please DON'T subscribe to this website.  =o)


I apologize about the Link to Sentry Management.  I have updated it, and it is now pointing to the CORRECT Sentry Management.  I even pointed it to the Albuquerque Office.  Again, my apologies.

Anything you'd like to see on this website, please email me at

Monday, April 30, 2012

Creating a #Twitter #hashtag for the Menaul Villas.  use #MenaulVillas for all stuff related to the Menaul Villas!